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Our clumped desire stirs and how when unwound, as with DNA, it sweetly wounds us. After doing genetic testing and coming off contraception, Lou fell pregnant in the first month of trying. Lou had a history of anxiety, and this began to increase during her pregnancy. She had to modify the medication she was taking for her anxiety when she began trying to conceive, and she started seeing a psychologist who specializes in perinatal and postnatal anxiety and depression. Lou elected to be induced and shares her experience of going through a private Obstetrician, choosing not to breastfeed and sleeping challenges.

Rachel fell pregnant whilst living in Bali. She decided to stay and have the baby in Australia and wanted to wait and see if she would want to return to Bali with her new baby. In this interview, Rachel opens up about how she and her boyfriend broke up when she was 39 weeks pregnant. She went on to have a beautiful water birth at 42 weeks with the support of her mum, her midwife, and her doula. Jayde shares her pregnancy and childbirth experiences with all three of her girls. Jayde suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum in all three of her pregnancies.

Jayde had her second daughter through Tweed hospital and decided to have her third daughter there as well. Jayde suffered a series of panic attacks which lead her to ask her friends to take her to the Emergency Room. Jadye was diagnosed with acute anxiety and postal depression. She takes us through her journey and how she sought help to move through this challenging period. Her second son Arti was also conceived with the help of IVF so it was a complete surprise and shock when Gemma fell pregnant with her daughter naturally.

Gemma suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum in her previous pregnancies; however, this time, it was much worse. She found it incredibly difficult to care for her 2 and 4-year-olds and her husband had to take over their care while she was forced to stay in bed. Despite her HG Gemma went on to have a magical water birth under the care of midwives. She used Hypnobirth Australia tracks to remain calm and focused, and she loved her birth.

Kiah fell pregnant very quickly with her first child, her daughter Luna. She elected to go through shared care with her local GP and went on to have her baby through the local public hospital. Thankfully, Kiah was able to manage her diabetes through diet control. Megan shares the births of her son River and her daughter Rosie. She delivered both her babies under the care of Private Obstetrician Dr. Len Kilman at the Epworth Hospital. Megan tried for several months to conceive her first baby. She admitted that busy work schedules between both her and her husband restricted their opportunity to try so after a few months they got serious about prioritising their fertile window and conceived their little boy River.

Megan generally felt well during her pregnancy despite morning sickness in the first trimester. She had a private class with the well-renowned birth educator Juju Sundin author of the Birth Skills , and she felt prepared to have an active labour. Brought to you by Mindful Life.

Shari shares her two pregnancies and births of her son Harley and Taleah. After hearing only negative birth experiences, Shari found her self quite fearful of birth when she found her self unexpectedly pregnant. Her mother delivered Shari under general anesthetic due to complications, and Shari was anxious about the entire process. She then decided to scrape together the money she had left over after living overseas with her partner to attend a Hypnobirth Australia course.

Everything change from that point on, not only in her birth plans but also for her new career path. Rachel shares her first pregnancy and birth of her little boy Hugo. Very early on in her pregnancy, she experienced some bleeding while working on a fashion shoot interstate. Panicked, she called her GP and then made her way to the hospital to try and determine if she was having a miscarriage.

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Thankfully the bleeding began to ease up over the next 24hours, and it was later determined that she was experiencing an implantation bleed. Rachel went on to carry her baby to full term and was induced.

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To hear her full story, tune into this weeks episode. Nat Kringoudis is a Dr in Chinese Medicine and acupuncturist who has worked in women's fertility health for many years. When it came to conceiving Nat was very fortunate to fall pregnant relatively quickly.

She took a calm birth course and was due to deliver her first child at the Family Birth center at the Mercy Hospital for Women in Melbourne. At 30 weeks, when Nat was away for work, she went into labour and needed to be airlifted back to Melbourne. To find out what unfolded tune into this weeks episode. Topics covered: bed rest, irritable uterus, cystic fibrosis, acupuncture, breastfeeding challenges, calm birth, emergency caesarean.

Laura suffered from endometriosis and spent the few months leading up to trying to conceive is very mindful of her diet and lifestyle to regulate her cycles. She went on to conceive her first baby Link shortly after actively trying to conceive. Throughout her pregnancy, Laura became increasingly anxious about her birth and her diet. Heidi had been on the pill for ten years, and a friend had said it could take months to regulate your cycle after the contraceptive pill, so Heidi decided to come off the pill to prepare herself to hopefully conceive in a year or two.

She decided to go and see an Obgyn who ran several tests and explained that she was most likely suffering from hypothalamic amenorrhea. Heidi continued to see her acupuncturist, and she began taking Clomid to help regulate her cycle. The DockATot is an multi-award winning baby lounger that has been specially shaped to reinvent the womb.

With over verified 5-star reviews, the DockATot has successfully soothed and settled babies the world over. They are handmade in Europe from premium materials featuring both solid colours and on-trend prints. So take a look and see how your baby can sleep, lounge and snuggle in style with DockATot. If you would like to hear Teresa births of Forest and Bodhi head over to Episode Teresa is a self-proclaimed serial pregnancy test taker, and she took several tests daily to confirm her pregnancy from a few days after conception. During the early stages of her pregnancy, Teresa discovered that her week blood results showed that she had antibodies present.

Her husband is a carrier of the Duffy Y gene which her body was making antibodies towards. A side effect is that the baby can become more anemic. Topics include private midwife, vaginal delivery, family entered birth, water birth, cervical lip. Oakie Baby sponsors Today's episode. Oakie Baby offers a beautifully curated selection of clothing and gifts for babies and children, with a particular emphasis on essential items for the first year of your baby's life. Make sure you check out this beautiful boutique at www.

In today's episode, I interview Tammi Keirl. Tammi shares the births of her two daughters, who were both born vaginally through the care of midwives at her local public hospital in Adelaide. After months of trying to conceive, Tammi used an ovulation app to conceive her first daughter Ruby.

Tammi had relatively straight forward pregnancies and delivered both her babies with the epidurals. To hear more about Tammi's births tune into this week's podcast episode. Natalie had both her children through midwifery care in Melbourne. Her first pregnancy was quite straight forward and she delivered her first son at 36 weeks without pain medication. Reuben had a severe tongue tie and she was unable to get him to latch. Topics include: postnatal depression, midwifery care, tongue tie, cholestasis. After getting married Brigette came off the pill, which she had been taking for many years in an effort to try and conceive.

Shortly after coming off the contraceptive pill she began to feel extremely unwell and suffered from cystic acne, had hair loss and a generally felt shocking. She immediately began researching PCOS and she made a number of different food and lifestyle choices to try and balance her hormones as best she could.

To hear more about how Brigette got her periods back and then conceived Flynn after coming to terms with the fact that she may not carry a child, tune into this weeks show. Topics covered: PCOS, the pill, breastfeeding, midwifery care, breastfeeding, nipple shields. Although Jonathan and I had discussed having a third child, we had not made a final decision so it was a bit of a surprise when we discovered that I was pregnant. I was a bit nervous to tell Jono and I took some home pregnancy tests and watched as the lines got darker each day and it took a while to process.

The running joke was that we bought an extra coconut home from the homeland. There was no question for me that I wanted to give birth to my third baby back at the Mercy Birth Centre. I had both Niko and Louis there under the care of midwives. I was thrilled to find that I had been assigned Jo. Jo had been apart of my care team in both the boy's pregnancies. Jessiika Wilson, three induced vaginal deliveries, breech, ECV, postpartum bleed. Jess was 24 years old when she fell pregnant with her first child Levi. She and her partner Phil had decided to try and fell pregnant in their first month of trying.

Jess went through the public system and had midwifery care. Jess fell pregnant with her second son when Levi was just 4 months old. Tiny Hearts Education now offers one-day birthing courses in Melbourne for expecting parents that will actually prepare you for the realities of birth.

Topics covered: induction, vacuum delivery, epidural, birth photography, Hyperemesis gravidarum HG , postpartum bleed, cervical tear, jaundice, postpartum haemorrhage , breech, ECV. Lou shares her four pregnancies and births. She went on to have two more premie babies due to IUGR and she also developed Preeclampsia in her fourth pregnancy. Rachel shares the birth of her little boy and her twin girls. Falling pregnant at 21 Rachel admired she knew very little about pregnancy and birth she just knew she wanted to have a baby.

Rachel lost her job at 25 week due to unfair dismissal due to her pregnancy, a case she fought and won, however, it was a very stressful time. After having her little boy Rachel developed postnatal depression which she took medication for and saw a psychologist. Kyree tried for twelve months to conceive her first child. Kyree found her birth with Alaska very traumatic. She was induced and had an episiotomy that took many months to heal.

Going into her second pregnancy Kyree knew she wanted to have a different experience and she sought out Hypnobirth Australia. Kyree connected with Renne from The Birth Space and she used the skills she learned to guide her through her birth. Pip is from Sydney but is currently living in Singapore. Pip spoke to her GP in the lead up to her wedding about falling pregnant. The doctor suggested she come off the pill as it can take a few months to begin ovulating again. Pip fell pregnant in the first month of coming off the pill.

She was 20 weeks pregnant at her wedding. For her first pregnancy she went through shared care with her GP and she had the same midwife for all her hospital appointments. Sponsored by BodyIce Woman. Michelle has two children of her own and she recently carried a baby as a surrogate.

Michelle carried a baby Jack for intended parents Kate and Chris. The couples were connected through a surrogate information session and after they were approved through Surrogacy Australia to go ahead with the surrogacy. On their third embryo transfer, Michele fell pregnant with baby Jack.

After having two straight forward vaginal births with her own children, Michelle had planned a home birth with her husband, doula, birth photographer and the intended parents all present. At 37 weeks Michelle started to notice blood and went into the hospital to have herself and the baby checked out.

To find out more tune into this weeks show. Nikki is a Paediatric physiotherapist living in Adelaide. Topics covered: IVF, incompetent cervix, shoulder dystocia, irritable uterus, ECV, breech, retained placenta, nasal gastric tube feeding, testicular cancer. Sam went through the public health care system under the care of her mother, who was a midwife working at the Mater Hospital for her first pregnancy. At 38 weeks one of her midwives questioned whether the baby was in a breech position. Sam had a quick scan in the hospital to check and they confirmed they believed the baby was head down.

They then decided she could deliver vaginally. Very sadly Jack was born still and they were unable to revive him. When Sam was due to have her second baby she decided she wanted an elective maternal assisted caesarean. To hear how Sam advocated for herself and got the maternal assisted birth she wanted with her daughter, tune into this weeks episode. Jenna is a physiotherapist and Paul is an intensive care nurse. They decided late into their pregnancy that they wanted to opt for a home birth.

At 32 weeks they hired a private midwife and had their first daughter at home. When they fell pregnant the second time around they had a publicly funded home birth through the Sunshine Home Birth Program. To hear more about their births tune into this week's show. Today she is sharing her third birth of little Lottie.

To hear more tune into this weeks show. Kerrie was diagnosed with a complex cyst on her ovary and she was told it would be more challenging for her to fall pregnant. She was completely surprised to fall pregnant and be told her cyst had disappeared when she saw her doctor. Kerrie had planned to have a drug free vaginal birth and she was completely caught off guard when her first pregnancy ended in an emergency caesarean.

Catherine fell pregnant on the first try which was quite a shock. Morning sickness came on quite fast and she was nauseous up until 32 weeks. Catherine booked in with an Obstetrician a friend had recommended and in her third trimester, she took She Births course. It was at this stage that Catherine began to question whether she had made the right choice for her birth by going private, however she decided to stay in the model of care she had chosen.

Rosie fell pregnant quickly after starting to try to conceive, which was quite a surprise as she had a history of inconsistent periods due to eating disorders. As a physiotherapist, yoga and pilates instructor, Rosie kept very active during her pregnancy despite suffering all day sickness throughout her pregnancy. Rosie booked into a private obstetrician however she also hired her own private midwife and took a Calm birth course.

Libby fell pregnant quite quickly after deciding to try. At 7 weeks she had a dating scan to check where she heard the heartbeat. She saw her Obstetrician for her initial intake appointment at 9 weeks and sadly the baby had passed away at 8 weeks. When she discovered she was pregnant for the second time with Poppy she decided to announce the pregnancy to friends and family much earlier.

At 37 weeks Libby began to experience flashing lights and stars in her vision and she went into the hospital and she was induced at 38 weeks due to gestational hypertension. Jodi shares the pregnancies and births of her four children. As a yoga teacher and childbirth educator, Jodi brings a beautiful perspective to her interview. She even shares some breathing techniques and tools she used in her births.

Her third and most challenging birth almost ended in an emergency caesarean section and this traumatic experience left her quite anxious going into her fourth birth.

Australian Birth Stories

The directory showcases some fantastic birth photographers, doulas, physiotherapists and birth education classes right across Australia. If your in the birth service industry and would like to have your business listed please email me at australianbirthstories gmail. Ariane shares how she conceived quite quickly after years of being on the pill. As a keen athlete, Stacey originally put down her lack of regular periods to her intense sports training.

When she decided to start trying for a baby with her husband they tried for nearly 4 years. After booking in for IVF treatment, a week before her first appointment was due, Stacy found out she had infant conceived naturally. Amberley tried everything she could think of to turn her baby.

She had an ECV done at 37 weeks which was unsuccessful. She then found a doctor who was very experienced in vaginal breech deliveries and she prepared herself for a vaginal delivery. Tarryn developed preeclampsia very early at just 19 weeks. Her symptoms began with severe swelling. She continued to brush her symptoms aside as most of her symptoms were listed as standard in pregnancy. She had a blood test done and her blood pressure checked and she came back clear. At 23 weeks Tarryn developed a strong muscular pain between her shoulder blades. She also put on 5kgs of fluid over two days and felt incredibly uncomfortable.

She tried to drive herself to the hospital and after having to stop several times along the way she called an ambulance and was taken to the Gold Coast hospital. On arrival, she was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia and HELP syndrome and she was transferred to the Mater hospital as they said she would need to deliver at 24 weeks.

To hear more about what unfolded for Tarryn and how she went on to have three more little girls tune into this weeks episode. After trying for a few months, they sought IVF assistance and they were fortunate to conceive Harriet on their first attempt. Elayna and Riley have been sailing around the world on their yacht La Vagabonde and decided to try for a baby whilst they were sailing in the Caribbean. They were very fortunate to fall pregnant in their first month of trying to conceive. Living aboard the boat meant that they had ultrasounds and blood tests at a variety of different places throughout the Caribbean and the US.

The decided they would return to Australia to have the little boy and they hired a private midwife in Adelaide to oversee their care. Elayna shares how she had Skype consultations with her midwife Claire and she felt very comfortable with her choice to have a home birth when they returned. Flying home at 32 weeks pregnant, Elayna took a Hypnobirthing course and bought a birth pool in preparation to have their baby in the Airbnb they were staying in. Georgia shares her pregnancy and birth of her little girl Frida.

She had a relatively straight forward pregnancy. Courtney shares with us her two births and her challenges with postnatal depression and breastfeeding. Krissy shares her three pregnancies and births. With the help of Clomid Krissy was able to conceive her first son. Krissy had both her first two children through the private system and then decided to change things up for her third birth. She took a Hypnobirthing Australian class - Belly2Birth and had a lovely relaxed water birth. It took Ariel and her husband over 8 months of trying to conceive until she was able to fall pregnant with their little boy.

Her pregnancy was very routine until her 20 week scan when she was advised that her baby had suspected heart and cleft pallet issues. This took Ariel and her husband completely by surprise. They suddenly were asked to have more tests done and they would need to have their baby in a different hospital that had better facilities to help care for her baby when he was born. Steph shares her two pregnancies and births through the birth center at the Mercy Hospital in Melbourne.

Steph fell pregnant very quickly after deciding to try after getting married. Knowing she was keen to have a natural, drug-free birth she decided to book into the Mercy Birth Centre and she was assigned her own midwife. Steph and her partner took a Calm Birth course and read several books to get themselves in the best position they could go into the birth of their daughter. Steph was quite shocked when she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in her first pregnancy. Amy takes us through her three pregnancies and births. She suffered from PCOS so found it hard to navigate her cycles initially.

She compares the differences between all three fast deliveries. In her third birth, she hired birth photographer Bree Downes who took these incredible images. Sarah had her first pregnancy and birth with her son Arthur in Sept It was a low risk mostly easy pregnancy but after a quick and intense labour he was birthed via ventouse. After the start of the healing journey just shy of 3years later, she surprisingly found out she was having another baby boy. Sarah described the birth of Aksel as so beautiful, peaceful and yet so heartbreaking.

It was another trauma her family sadly had endured. Sarah is now pregnant again with not only baby no. Eleesha was incredibly lucky to conceive on her first attempt with her first daughter. Living somewhat remotely Eleesha went through shared care with her GP and gave birth in Bundaberg Hospital closer to her family. Eleesha was induced and her husband was sent home by the midwives as they felt it would be a long wait.

Eleesha actually progressed very quickly and spent the night labouring on her own. Cait fell pregnant relatively quickly and went on to suffer from HG up until 22 weeks. Going through the maternity group practice at her local hospital she felt supported and excited to try and have a drug free vaginal delivery. After labouring at home for as long as possible, she unexpectedly delivered her second daughter at midnight on her front lawn as she was trying to make her way to the hospital.

Annaliese shares her two births. She suffered terribly from insomnia from as early as the first trimester in both pregnancies. Eventually, she needed to take medication to aid with her sleep as it was becoming impossible for her to carry out her daily tasks and remain sane. Despite admitting she is usually a terrible sick person, in labour Annalise was very calm and quiet.

So much so that when she went into the hospital in labour with her first the staff through she was in the very early staged and they left her waiting in the waiting room for a long time only to find she was already at 8cm. To hear more about her story tune into this weeks episode. At the age of 28, Elle was having issues with the contraception she was on and her doctor suggested she come off it. Elle and her husband were thinking it would take them six to twelve months to conceive with her history of endometriosis. They were incredibly fortunate to fall pregnant very quickly.